Chew On It! T-shirt

Here's another way you can help Thien Nhan --
by owning a Chew On It! T-shirt.

Made of 100% cotton, it has a print of the three kids from the
Tan household (the family on which my Sunday comic strip is based).

Production of this T-shirt is sponsored by The Straits Times and SingTel,
hence the logos.

Available in Heather Grey or White,
and in sizes M and XL.
Sizes S & L no longer available.

Each T-shirt costs a minimum S$15.
Singapore Press Holdings is footing the shipping cost.

Please pay more if you can.

All proceeds will go to Thien Nhan.

To order by post, write a cheque made payable to:


and mail it to:

Lee Chee Chew
ST Art Dept
Singapore Press Holdings
1000 Toa Payoh North
Podium, 2nd storey
Singapore 318994

Please indicate your name, e-mail, address, T-shirt size and colour choice
clearly at the back of the cheque.

Alternatively, you can order through e-mail and make your payment
bank wire transfer, either online or via a DBS/POSBank ATM.
(This is the preferred method -- faster than cheques and saves trees too!)

Email me for more info. Thank you.

PS: If you already have the T-shirt and book, please donate anyway! :)


casio_888 said...

Chee Chew,

I have been always a huge fan of your comics strip... "Chew on it" is always be the first comics strip I read in Lifestyle every Sunday...

Was really touched when I come across your bloglink on 04h May Sunday Times and get to know you are doing all you could to help a toddler whom you have never met... You really have a heart of Gold indeed...

Had sent an email to you to order some T-shirts and book... But kind of wish that the feature characters on T-shirt will be the father and mother characters from your comics instead...
Anyway, it's fine, it is for a good course...

Will attempt to get my frens n colleagues to do likewise...

May all your great effort pay off and the donation drive will be a great success...

All the best!!!


Beng Yee said...

Hi Chee Chew,

I will look forward to the T-shirt having the cartoon that is featured on the main page of your blog - "You can help Thien Nhan" (print on the back of the shirt would be great). This way people can wear it and remind others who wants to donate but have not done so!

Anyway, emailed you to order a book.

You are a good man too :)

Beng Yee

ecym said...

Just a thought - if you have printed a comic strip on the T-shirt instead of characters, you might attract more buyers.

zoomhee said...

yea casio. me too. mine favourite 2 is foxtrot n baby blues.

Alan Chow said...

Hi chew,
i loved your comics on Sunday Times. been catchingthem since my O levels , on and off.

do you have plans to include them from Mondays to Sats, especially on Mon blues?

where can i buy your comic book?

and my heart goes out to Thien Nhan after readin g your blog.
How can i make a S$30 contibution via you by "PAYPAL"?