Lousy thyroid!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Yours truly is under the weather --
after many rounds of blood tests, I am diagnosed with Graves' Disease.
What happens basically is my thyroid has gone hyper, making my
metabolic rate shoot up through the roof. As a result, I am perpetually
exhausted, which explains why I will not able to update this blog
as frequently as I'd like to. I can't sleep off the tiredness because
insomnia comes with the package (how oxymoron is that?!).
Treatment lasts about two years -- I can live with that.
And the constant fatigue. What I can't stand is the precious 10kg
I lost in three short weeks. I have been trying to bulk up all my life
and that really sucked.

Now you know why I always look at XL/XXL-size people with intense lust...