Good stuff

This is not an advertorial.
(Though I wouldn't mind if it is. Who doesn't like getting paid?)

You may or may not know about this 'product' I'm about to hawk,
but here goes:

I must listen to music when I work.
I have an audio library of chillout tunes by the likes of
The Sura Quintet, Don Gorda Project, Enrico Donner, Rey Salinero,
Cane Garden Quartet, etc.

But when I'm in the mood for radio,
there is only one station I cannot live without
and that is Live365, an internet radio network.


Here are three reasons why:

  • No inane chatter
  • No puke-inducing love messages/dedications
  • No commercials/trailers that run back-to-back for eons

And one of the stations in my presets that I listen to the most is
Legendary 80s! (Yes, yes, I'm a fossil.)

There are many genres to choose from.
You can even opt for one that plays Christmas songs... every day!

Go on, give it a try:
access Live365 via your computer or smartphone.
Maybe you'll like it too.