Cyber warfare

A recommendation by the Committee on the Future Economy:
Use national service (NS) to train army personnel in cyber security skills
to prepare for the digital future.

Confuse them while they're young

The tragic thing is, this pre-school does exist in Singapore.

From the Rejection Pile ("Tourist Attraction")

I knew even at the concept stage that this will be a "No Go".
But it had to be done.

I find it amazing that despite our annual floods, our train tunnels still stay dry.
The wondrous feat of engineering!


Keith Tan Chee Siang.
F**king child abuser.

Forced a nine-year-old boy to stand still,
then brutally kicked a football thrice at the defenseless child,
causing him to suffer bodily pain and resulting in a nose bleed.

Even worse, he was ordered to pay a paltry $108 as compensation
to the boy.

What do they actually teach at law schools in Singapore??

This further solidifies what I have been rightfully suspecting all along:
Singapore's legal system is run by nincompoops.

Did you vote?

This was done way back in 2004,
complete with a big-ass CRT TV and what I think is a Nokia handphone!

What young people want

[Published on 16 Oct, 2004]

2,100 youths were asked to give ideas on how to build a better Singapore

One of the suggestions is hostel living for all undergraduates,
so sparks will fly and couples will marry younger.

Not the same (Part One)

It's quite fun to deviate from my usual style once in a while.

I had to illustrate a story about overprotective mothering,
and I decided to make the drawing look different from what
I usually do:

And here's the detailed version: