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Teaching the teachers

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has launched a new centre to boost
the development and training of teachers.

The cartoon above is inspired by a video that has been making its round
on the Internet. It shows a boy hitting two of his classmates repeatedly,
in the presence of a teacher who was "unaware of the bullying".

Apparently, this bullying had been going on for a while and it is
only brought to light recently by the video clip.

To the person who recorded and posted it online: Thank You.

MOE's reply after this incident: "We do not tolerate bullying in any form,
and schools have in place a system and measures to support a safe,
conducive learning environment. Teachers have the responsibility
to maintain discipline in the classrooms and deal with bullying."

Perhaps one particular teacher didn't get the memo.

Gone viral (and not in a good way)

So Singapore had a General Election in September 2015.

It was quite eventful for me because some zealous individual/s pilfered my drawings
from this blog, changed the speech bubbles to give the dialogues a slanted
political tone and reposted them on a site called The Singapore Bubble Blog
(which has since been taken down):

The next thing I knew, social media was buzzing with nasty comments targetting at yours truly.

Apparently, many netizens assumed that I came up with those wretched wordings.

If you are one of those trigger-friendly folks, please read this:
The drawings were illegally doctored.

This is a serious case of copyright infringement and character assassination.
Legal help has been sought.

By the way, here's a special shout-out to those helpful members at's Eat-Drink-Man-Woman forum for their support
and helpful advice on how to deal with the perpetrator/s:

Terrible trio

Three things that happen during our annual haze season:

1. The burning of plantation to clear land in Indonesia [Photo: REUTERS]

2. The burning of offerings (hell money, paper mansions, paper iPhones, etc)
in Singapore during the Hungry Ghost Festival [Photo: THE STRAITS TIMES]

3. And this!


The 2015 Singapore General Election and the Hungry Ghost Festival both happened
in the same month. So the cartoon above had to be done.

Home-school distance

In Singapore, priority admission to a primary school is given to kids who live
within 1km to 2km from the school. Or those who reside within the radius for
at least 30 months from the commencement of the P1 registration.

Labour crunch

Stringent rules on hiring foreigners and the rising cost of cleaning services
have created a shortage of cleaners at some condominiums.

How to attract buyers

Developers of executive condominiums (ECs) are adding upmarket features
and tantalising extras as they battle for buyers spoilt for choice by the flood
of new home launches.