Move towards a car-lite nation

After eight months (EIGHT MONTHS!!) of work,
this is the best a 14-member advisory panel could come up with --
otherwise known as:

The Stupidest Proposal. Ever.

Electronic Road Pricing, Version 2.0

Singapore's next-generation ERP system goes gantry-less
and will be based on satellite navigation technology.


More childcare centres coming up

Did this for The Straits Times Online.

Apologies for the amateurish look.
I am not well-versed in animation and
I've only had less than 8 hours to do the whole thing.


An update from MaiAnh, Thien Nhan's foster mum

"Thien Nhan will be 10 this year.
He is doing well at school and enjoys learning Aikido.

He is also active in helping other kids who need genital & urinary surgeries,
visiting them in hospital & explaining what to expect, etc. He also helps with fund-raising.

So far, the surgeons who did Thien Nhan's operations have come back to Vietnam
9 times to perform surgeries on 180 other kids with genital & urinary problems."

You can visit Thien Nhan's Facebook Page by clicking here.

Lot 28

On 27 Feb 2016, S$7,590 (excluding my donation) was transferred to Thien Nhan.

To the following contributors: Thank You.

Albert Tan Beng Kiat (S$50)
Amous Lee (S$200)
Ariel Loh (S$300, April 2014 to Sept 2015)
Daniel Boccio (S$140)
Diana Lim Yun Yan (S$300)
Eileen Tay (S$220, May 2014 to Feb 2016)
Francisca Lam Ying Jia (S$100)
Kaye Ng (S$100)
KH (S$300)
Kieran Wee (S$1,000)
Lee KL Evangeline (S$100)
Leona Ang (S$1,750, Jan 2014 to Jan 2016) (S$2,320)
Ong Hui Then (S$60, Jan 2015 to June 2015)
Sally Lam (S$150, Dec 2013 to May 2014)
Tan Yiling (S$80)
Tay Wee Kiat (S$150)
Wang Boon Lian (S$200)
Wong Pei Ling (S$20)
Wong Peng Chuen (S$50, Jan 2015 to May 2015)

Why drink?

I am not a fan of alcohol.
But some people are.

What’s the worst side effect of alcohol consumption?
A hangover? Wrong.


Here are some real-life examples:

Move to curb moonlighting security guards

In a push to raise the professional standards of security firms,
guards are not allowed to work for more than two employers at any one time.

This is because part-time guards who move from one company to another or hop
from one job to another may lead to frequent absenteeism and poor job performance.

Indomitable youths