Genius artist

British architectural artist Stephen Wiltshire was commissioned
to create a panorama sketch of Singapore's cityscape.


I noticed this during one of my train rides:

Three complete strangers in the same colour scheme.
What are the odds?

Only 4 cm

So... there was this story in the papers that needed a cartoon:

They may not be as dramatic as falls from high places or collapsing scaffolds.
But ergonomics-related workplace health problems such as stiff necks,
strained backs and numb wrists cost Singapore a whopping $3.5 billion a year,
according to the Workplace Safety and Health Council.
To help firms get to grips with these issues, the Council launched
a set of guidelines on improving ergonomics in the workplace. 

The space given to me was 10 cm (W) by 4 cm (H).

Now, 4 cm is not much.
But I managed to use the shallowness to come up with this:

Unfortunately, the cartoon was rejected because the editors were concerned
that the readers might not get it.

Anti-littering animation 01

I did three short animations with the folks at NTU for the Keep Singapore Clean campaign.
This is the first one:

Anti-littering animation 02

Here is the second one:

Anti-littering animation 03

And this is the last one:


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