Aural assault

Just came back from Popular Bookstore at Bishan Junction 8
(2017 April 23, Sunday, 10.30AM).

Great customer service, thanks to one exceptionally helpful elderly staff.

It would have been a pleasant shopping experience if not for one thing:
the horrendous music played over the PA system.

It was a female "singer" caterwauling cover songs.

 I scurried the hell out of the store without buying anything.

Cyber warfare

A recommendation by the Committee on the Future Economy:
Use national service (NS) to train army personnel in cyber security skills
to prepare for the digital future.

Confuse them while they're young

The tragic thing is, this pre-school does exist in Singapore.

From the Rejection Pile ("Tourist Attraction")

I knew even at the concept stage that this will be a "No Go".
But it had to be done.

I find it amazing that despite our annual floods, our train tunnels still stay dry.
The wondrous feat of engineering!