An incident at a train station

Toa Payoh Station

2011 June 10

Around 11.30am

So there I was, waiting for the train.

When it arrived, one teenage girl approached the platform door.

Then I noticed she had left her pink wallet on the bench.
So I called out to her and gestured towards it.

She went back to get it and entered the train.

No "thank you", no expression of gratitude, nothing.
As a matter of fact, she looked as if I had caused her
a colossal inconvenience by making her retrieve her wallet.

Quite an interesting response, don't you think?


aye aye said...

I'm not a singaporean. But i'm a asian. Our country Parents and Teachers teach us how to respect elder. But here.....i dont think so.

chillycraps said...

next time, classify it as "suspicious article" and do as what the broadcast always tells us to do.


gargamel said...

New generation now are rather rude. Shd bring back the courtesy campaign like old times...

PaintPotato said...

Wait what? That's a teenager? xD

Unknown said...

Well if can, start with public officers. Not the low ranking ones. Those atas type where cant even pressvthe door lift open and cant even say thank you when others hold the door for them.