Hello? Anybody home?

Every now and then, I would receive emails from groups of students asking
for my work to be used in their school projects. Despite my hectic schedule,
I still tend to their requests, hunt down the requested toons and then
email them over.

After all that, I don't hear from those said students again.
No acknowledgement of receipt. No update on how the project went.
No "Thank you" email.


Because of that, I shall not respond to such requests any more.


casio_888 said...

Think kids now really lack some social equitte or basic manners... probably they were brought up in 'me first' environment... but still there's some good kids around... i know... as i had met some genuine good ones (in my volunteer groups) among the basket of rotten apples....
probably upbringing, educations, environment, material does affect our kids character.... however, dont lose heart... there is still some good ones around... hope u encounter some soon...

babypinkstar said...

I don't agree with what you said.

You help others because you WANT to help. Not because you hope for any other things.

Yes, on one hand, I do agree that perhaps the youngsters should have basic courtesy and said thanks or so.

BUT, you shouldn't be EXPECTING such replies if you really WANTED to help others.

Just like that many people who have helped the toddler, they don't ask for thanks or anything in return.


Because they'd only wanted to help the kid. That's all.

ChewOnIt! said...

babypinkstar, yes, I agree with you that wanting to help others means not expecting anything in return. But do note that the students asked me for help. When you asked for something and got it, you should, at the very least, be courteous and thank the person in return.

Support for TN said...

Courtesy underpins positive social behaviour. It should be a way of life. This is not about expectations. Sadly speaking, most of us have forgotten how to be polite to one another. How many times do we say “thank you” to the person who holds the lift door open for us, to the bus driver who waits and to the cleaning aunty who cleans the table for us at hawker centre, toilets. Sure it’s their job, but surely a word of appreciation goes a long way. Well we should start embracing courtesy as way of life!

lily_lee68 said...

That's very sad - do not be discouraged. You are still my favourite cartoonist and I definitely thank you for that! I wrote to you some years ago asking whether you can come over to the school to show us more about your cartoon. Being a teacher, I have received the same treatment before too and I understands how you feel. However, I must not deny that there are still some who are appreciative and that kept me going!

WJ said...

I get that.

They ask for surveys to be done and when you do them, not a word of thanks.

Of course, in defence of them, they must be thinking "Heng ah, at least managed to scrape through this project"

It's still no excuse.

You still rock, though, with or without help to students.

y2kjericho86 said...

Hey, i am a student from Singapore and right now i am studying in Canada and you know i always check your blog for updates on comics and i always love your comics.

IT covers the politics and strive we face back home. Your work is deeply appreciated by me. =D

Thank you.