Miracle Baby

Thien Nhan is now in Italy for an important surgery: to construct a penis
from the upper groin area that will actually 'grow' with him.
This major procedure will be carried out by the famous Italian surgeon
Dr. Roberto DeCastro from Bologna, Italy. The operation will take between
7 and 9 hours and the post-op recovery will be at least 14 to 20 days.

According to Greig Craft, the key organiser of Thien Nhan's surgeries,
Thien Nhan is expected to have an age-appropriate size penis, and scrotum
(with prosthetic testicles). Because his urethra is not damaged,
urination should not be a problem. And due to some nerves that were
not damaged, the penis should have sensation, and even the possibility
to have an erection. Of course, there are complications that can arise,
but we are confident about the prognosis.

The surgery (after discount) will cost 33,600 euros (approx US$45,000).
Associated costs, travel and accommodation for 3 weeks will add another

As there could be a necessity to stay longer for follow-up care,
the overall total may come up to US$75,000.

Greig will cover his personal costs and travel and will be contributing US$10,000.
On top of that, him, Mai Anh and Elka have raised another US$10,000.
And with our (that is, you readers and myself) latest contribution of US$14,000,
we are near the half-way mark of the targeted US$75,000 for this
life-changing operation. Mai Anh's family are pooling their savings
and during the next two weeks will go all out to get in other contributions.

So if you'd like to lend a hand, please email me.

You can buy my book (see sidebar on the left) and/or a T-shirt.
Or simply just by donating. Thank you.


Thien Nhan said...

It looks just like Thien Nhan!

David said...

Thank you Lee for helping Thien Nhan. I am saddened by what Thien Nhan has to go through in his first years of life but am very glad that he has found many wonderful people such as yourself and his adoptive parents and Elka and the many others who have helped in one way or another to make his life a happier one. I am writing emails and forwarding Thien Nhan's story to my friends and hopefully this will result in more donation or help in other forms to him. May all children be blessed with love.

jeddahkhan said...

Hi!I am touched by what you are doing to help Thien Nhan but i would also suggest that you help many others that are suffering more or less than thein nhan.

AdviceGirl said...

Go Thien Hhan!!! I'll be praying for you!

newmediascapes said...

Hi, your commitment to helping the boy is great! I will be getting your book to help in your cause and also because I enjoy your comics!

I've written a blog post (http://blogscapes.wordpress.com/2008/07/20/new-media-fund-raising-with-chewonitcomics/)about what you are doing and I hope that will help others come to know and help the boy too.

Mẹ Sóng said...

I've just known your blog through blog of Thien Nhan. Thanks so much. We, parents in Vietnam, are trying to support Thien Nhan as much as possible. However, with your help oversea like this, I hope Thien Nhan will receive more and more good things :)

khivang said...

Thank you very much, Mr Lee!!!
I was very touched by your help to Thien Nhan. I'm a Vietnamese mother who have a boy same age with Thien Nhan. I read Thien Nhan's blog every day, and I've just known about your lofty action. Also many thanks to all who donated Thien Nhan-our miracle baby.

Shiraz 'Ain said...

How's Ah Thien doing? Hehe. He sounds like a part of the Tan family now.

FiFIkiA said...

Hey, Is there anyway I can help? I can't buy the books but maybe you can come to my school (MGS) to sell it? Or I can help you sell....


artsythinker said...

Dear Sir/Madam

We are a group of Anderson Junior College (Year 1) students working on a project titled " Modernization of Communication Methods".

In proposing our plans for the project, we considered the popularity and familiarity of your works in the newspapers and among Singaporeans. Hence, we arrive at the idea of proposing a A6-sized family-handy booklet that conveys ideas in the form of your comics style and characters.

We sincerely hope to get your permission to propose this idea in the project task as we believe it will boost the feasibility of our proposed plan. I look forward to a favourable reply from you as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking time off to read this email.

Yours Sincerely,
Quah Soo Mei
(Representative of AJ104)

Hannah said...

sorry but i cannot see the images

Dalatian said...

You're making the world a better place, my friend.
Thank you for your effort in helping Thien Nhan and bringing his inspiring story to people.
I believe the little man will grow up being a good person just like his name in spite of the unthinkable ordeal he endured as soon as he came into this world. A trooper he is!
Now off to the donation.

La-la Girl said...

Hey,you really love this kid like your own child,huh?That's good!You make Singapore proud!Best wishes for you and Thien Nhan

jtjm said...

I'm so glad you ran this story! I've placed ads all over my sites and my affiliates :)

andy said...

You are doing great! 加油!

TommyTan said...

Hey! You are a great guy. Thanks for having such a loving heart.

deslyn said...

Mdm Tan would like to donate and meet you in person at SPH. She also gather some friends whom she knew and will collect donation from them too. She's actively involved in community work now.She would like to know more about the present plight of Thien Nhan and pay him a visit if possible. Please contact me at lim_kwee_hong@yahoo.com.sg. tks.

Dawn said...

Hi Chew,

First of all, allow me to salute you for setting up this site to help Thien Nhan.

Sometimes, I just cant understand why parents can be so heartless to abandon their baby, they are all lives not a toy where you can throw anytime.

It is a tragic that Thien Nhan has to face this ordeal when he is still so young & fragile.

I share the same compassion with you to help him.

As such, I would like to buy 2 tees from you. Here's my request,


Please advise me how I can wire transfer $30 to your posb saving account.

God bless Thien Nhan !!

bryan said...

hi i found a blog widget which displays your blog posts via the blog feed; why not ask your readers and fans to install it on their websites in order to promote your blog?


Thai said...

Thank you very, very much, Lee. You have followed through with the noble deed of helping Thien Nhan. Could you now also embrace another kid with similar injury. This kid, Nguyen Van Danh, lost his left leg and all his bottom (including his penis and anus) in a train accident in 2006, when he was only 18 months old. You can find his picture in this article:

Divine & So Damn Bonafide said...

hey :) did you get my donation? transferred the $ :) sadie-jane

gloveattacker said...

hi are you still collecting donations? because i am doing a fundraising thing this christmas and i would like the funds to go to helping Thein Nhan!

PaintPotato said...

Aww, that's so nice of you.