When terrorists strike -- A Survival Guide

In an event of an enemy attack, Singaporeans can seek refuge
in one of the North-East Line MRT stations.

These stations can be transformed into bomb shelters, with facilities
like tunnel blast doors and flexible ventilation ducts.

Another feature is the no-flush dry toilets.

The user places a plastic bag over the bucket.
When done, the bag containing waste is removed...

...and voila, our very own biological weapon!


Doogle Hoo said...

This is a good idea to counter a terrorist strike. I also liked the recent GE walkabout on the Sunday Times comics section.

PaintPotato said...

Lol! If only this happens in real life.

into 30s said...

Your recent comic on punggol strays has angered many animal lovers with your insensitivity. Strays usually do not just chase after humans for nothing unless provoked or threatened.