Singaporeans get new Housing Board flats for various
Some need a place to stay urgently others might
be planning
many years ahead. Below is a close-up of
some family types
in the HDB queue:

Cashing in on rising property prices, some families book a new flat they
don’t need, so they can make a profit when they sell their old one.
The money could be used as a retirement fund, for children’s education,
invested or splurged on a grand tour.

The elderly couple whose children have moved into their own homes,
and downgrade to a smaller flat.


Large families that first bought their three- or four-room flat years ago
and now need more space for growing children and ageing grandparents.


Young couples who buy and get the keys to their HDB flats soon after they marry,
but prefer to live with parents and use their own flats as weekend getaways.


They plan way ahead and book a flat they don’t need, just so their son
will have one when he’s of marrying age.


Young couples who seal their early romance by signing on the dotted line of
an application for a flat while at university, so it will be ready when they
are ready to settle down five years or so down the road.