Lot 27

On 14 Dec 2013, S$6,108 (excluding my donation) was transferred to Thien Nhan.
To the following contributors: Thank You...

Anonymous (S$100)
Ariel Loh (S$50 for Dec 2013)
Ariel Loh (S$50 for Oct 2013)
Ariel Loh (S$50 for Sept 2013)
Ariel Loh (S$50 for July 2013)
Ariel Loh (S$50 for June 2013)
Ariel Loh (S$50 for May 2013)
Ariel Loh (S$50 for March 2013)
Ariel Loh (S$50 for Jan 2013)
Ariel Loh (S$100 for Dec 2012)
Ariel Loh (S$50 for Oct 2012)
Ariel Loh (S$50 for Sept 2012)
Ariel Loh (S$50, repeat donor)
Ariel Loh (S$50, repeat donor)
Ariel Loh (S$50, repeat donor)
Ariel Loh (S$50, repeat donor)
Freddie Tan Kong Weh (S$150)
Goh Jo-han (S$58)
James Chiang Wei Meng ($500)
Jaslyn Wang (S$100)
Kenny Wong (S$50)
Leona Ang (S$50 for Dec 2013)
Leona Ang (S$50 for Nov 2013)
Leona Ang (S$50 for Oct 2013)
Leona Ang (S$50 for Sept 2013)
Leona Ang (S$250... BONUS!)
Leona Ang (S$50 for July 2013)
Leona Ang (S$50 for June 2013)
Leona Ang (S$50 for May 2013)
Leona Ang (S$350... BONUS!)
Leona Ang (S$50 for March 2013)
Leona Ang (S$50 for Feb 2013)
Leona Ang (S$50 for Jan 2013)
Leona Ang (S$50 for Dec 2012)
Leona Ang (S$50 for Nov 2012)
Leona Ang (S$50 for Oct 2012)
Leona Ang (S$50 for Sept 2012)
Leona Ang (S$250... August bonus!)
Leona Ang (S$50 for July 2012)
Leona Ang (S$50 for June 2012)
Leona Ang (S$50 for May 2012)
Neo Chew Hsia (S$50)
Neo Poh Gek (S$50)
Ng Geok Peng (S$50, second donation)
Ong Say Yang (S$500)
Ong Teng Hong ($200, repeat donor)
Ong Teng Hong (S$200, repeat donor)
Raymond Tang Koon Hong ($100)
Sally Lam (S$25 for Nov 2013)
Sally Lam (S$25 for Oct 2013)
Sally Lam (S$25 for Sept 2013)
Sally Lam (S$25 for Aug 2013)
Sally Lam (S$25 for July 2013)
Sally Lam (S$25 for June 2013)
Sally Lam (S$25 for May 2013)
Sally Lam (S$25 for April 2013)
Sally Lam (S$25 for March 2013)
Sally Lam (S$25 for Feb 2013)
Sally Lam (S$100 for Oct 2012 - Jan 2013)
Sally Lam (S$25 for Sept 2012)
Sally Lam (S$25 for August 2012)
Sally Lam (S$25 for July 2012)
Sally Lam (S$25 for June 2012)
Samuel Ang Chee Hiong (S$100)
Stephan H. Wissel (S$200)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for Nov 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for Oct 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for Sept 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for Aug 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for July 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for June 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for May 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for April 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for March 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for Feb 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for Jan 2013)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for Dec 2012)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for Nov 2012)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for Oct 2012)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for Sept 2012)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for August 2012)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for July 2012)
Tay Chern Hui (S$25 for June 2012)
Victor Lee How Ming (S$200)
Wang Boon Lian ($100, repeat donor)

An update on Thien Nhan (from Elka)

Since September 2013, Thien Nhan (now 7!) has been going to a school in Hanoi
and is doing very well. He's got a scholarship there.

Here is one of his recent drawings -- he really enjoys art:

In June 2014, Thien Nhan will undergo another genital surgery.

Thanks to Na Huong and Greig's organization, the Italian and American surgeons
will come to Vietnam for Thien Nhan's procedure. At the same time they will
perform around 60 other genital/urological operations on other kids in Hanoi,
Danang and HCM City. They will also train local surgeons in these three regions.

When a compliment turns into sexual harassment

What one thinks as friendliness can be offensive to another’s ear.
So, be careful what you say to a colleague...

How sporty are you?

Soccer is big business, especially when people fork out money
for premium content on pay-TV.

What type of soccer fan you are depends on much you pay
to watch the sport on the telly (all figures rounded up):

Dirty mouse?

Here are the steps to bring it back to its former pristine self:

Who says they don't want to get married?

[Published on 6 Oct, 2002]

A recent government survey showed that single women in their 30s are least
likely to think that marrying and having children is better than staying
single. But according to seven matchmaking agencies and seven singles
interviewed, women in their 30s do want to get hitched.

A founder of a matchmaking agency offered one reason why the survey results
turned out the way they did: Some well-educated, financially-independent women
faced a psychological barrier about admitting that they want to get hitched.

"How to announce to the whole world in a survey that I'm lonely and I need
someone?" she said.

According an owner of another matchmaking agency, some women can get
downright anxious about not tying the knot.

He said: "I have seen thousands of ladies. The moment they hit 30, they
realise their biological clock is ticking away and they get kan cheong
(anxious). When they are 35, they get really stressed out.
When they reach 40, they give up."

Far from thinking that staying single is better than getting married, some
single women say they want to share their lives with someone.

A 35-year old regional retail manager said: "No matter how career-minded
we are, we still want to be loved and pampered by our husbands.

Have you ever tried living alone and falling ill? And there's nobody to
give you medicine? You must be crazy to want to stay single.

And every woman has sexual needs."

So in comes the matchmaker, to speed up the dating and matrimonial process.

More women are signing up at certain periods of the year: Valentine's Day,
Christmas, Chinese New Year and on their birthdays - occasions when loneliness
can really hit hard.

A director of a matchmaking agency said: "These are the times when
they sit down and review their lives, to see what they have done for
themselves besides work."

The singles interviewed also denied being choosy. They said it is the men
who are picky, and this seems to be borne out by what the agencies said.
From their experience, men look for attractive, young women -- with an
emphasis on looks and age. They shy away from aggressive and capable women.

But despite the gloomy scenario, some women have found love through these
matchmaking agencies, and it is these success stories which give singles hope.

So many men, so little time.
Are you female, thirtysomething and still on the shelf?
Don’t get kan cheong -- get hitched instead, with this useful guide:



Condoms made for World Cup

[Published on April 30, 1998]

Football's world governing body Fifa hopes to score with fans attending
this summer's World Cup by selling five million condoms exclusive to
the event.

The first condoms will be handed out over the coming days on the
Cote d'Azur in the south of France, with 10 tons set to arrive at
Nice airport the next day.

French firm Laboratoire International de Diffusion (LID) won the contract
after stringent tests and beat off competition from English firm Durex,
Germany's Hansaplast and Australian company Manix.

The "soft" condom is stamped with the name of the relevant venue
where it is to be distributed and boxes of them are emblazoned with
"Footix", the cockerel mascot of the tournament.

A proportion of the price will go to Aids charities and could raise up to
US$150,000 (S$240,000) to help fight the disease.

Let’s meet, all former ST staff!

For its 170th birthday on Dec 10 2014, The Straits Times invited past and present
reporters, foreign correspondents, editors, sub-editors, photographers, artists and
administrative staff to a year-end party to get reconnected.

It would be hoot if this happened:

40 facts of JBP (Part 1 of 8)

These visuals are from a graphics done to commemorate
the 40th anniversary of the Jurong Bird Park.

Answer to Fact #1:
JBP, Singapore’s first wildlife park, opened in 1971.
The Singapore Zoo opened two years later.

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