Bloody hell!

Only "a short detention order" for causing someone in a coma,
which subsequently ruined the rest of her life?

You gotta be fricking kidding me.

Please read this, LTA and Nicholas Ting:

Happy Birthday, kid!

Today (July 15) is Thien Nhan's birthday.

Here is an update from his mum, Mai Anh:

"Hanoi is getting warmer than ever.

Nhan is enjoying his summer break with a number of outdoor activities
including swimming and playing basketball.

He is now learning to get used to his new prosthetic leg.

There are two types of functional prosthetic legs: an aesthetic one
and a specific one used mainly by athletes.

Nhan chose the second one so it can help him in all actions,
especially sports.

However, practicing is quite hard and it takes him about one
or two months of constant training.

The transfemoral prosthesis is an artificial limb that replaces
a leg missing above the knee. Transfemoral amputees can have
a very difficult time regaining normal movements.

In general, a transfemoral amputee must use approximately 80%
more energy to walk compared with a person with two whole legs.
This is due to the complexities in movement associated with the knee.

Plus, the inclement weather in Hanoi these days makes him
frowning all the time while practicing."

I look foward to seeing Thien Nhan master the use of
his new prosthetic leg.

Such incompetence!

First, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) blindly allowed the use of e-scooters on walkways, which resulted in hapless pedestrians getting hit left, right and center.

After the shit hits the fan, LTA claimed that there will be a "mandatory registration of electric scooters" by the second half of 2018... which is RIGHT NOW.

Well, apparently, that is not happening.

According to the Chinese press, the registration is postponed to 2019 because LTA "needs more time to research and design a sound registration process."

Shouldn't that be done in the first place, before letting those e-scooters on the loose to create havoc on footpaths which endanger our lives?

Please get your act together, LTA.