Self-driving vehicles will be tested on public roads in neighbourhoods
such as Bukit Timah, Clementi and Jurong.

While it was promised that "public safety will continue to be the top priority"
-- Hello, PMDs! -- safety is still a major concern for some residents.

Source unknown

Dug these up from my archive, which were done in 2009.

I cannot recall what news it was but it seems to be about
problematic students at a Girls' school...

What casino-lovers are asking...

Question #1
"Can I go in my singlet, shorts and slippers?"

What casino-lovers are asking...

Question #2
"Will there be girls in skimpy outfits (for good luck)?"

What casino-lovers are asking...

Question #3
"Can I get a refund for carpark fees?"

Hoping to land that job?

Some dos and don’ts

Research the company you are interviewing for. For example, learn about the nature of its business by checking its website. Then learn who its competitors are. You should also be asking yourself: “What makes me choose this company?” or “What makes this company my employer of choice?”

Be clear about the job you are being interviewed for. Prepare yourself by getting a sense of the skills and behavioural characteristics the employer is seeking by reading and understanding the job advertisement and position requirements carefully.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Candidates need to better understand how they can contribute to a company, and how they can translate their strengths into skills that a prospective employer could use.

Ask about compensation during the first meeting. It is more appropriate to determine the “job fit” first, and discuss compensation later. Candidates should project that they are concerned about doing a good job, rather than just trying to earn a pay cheque.

Over-market yourself. It is not easy, but candidates need to find a balance between being humble and “selling” their skills, knowledge and experience.

Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks

One amazing thing about that Active Mobility Advisory Panel
is no matter how much they've messed up, the Government STILL
accepts its recommendations.

All "advices" from the Panel have resulted in many injuries
and a few deaths.

And this is its latest suggestion:
"Introduce a Code of Conduct for all path users on
how to share paths safely and responsibly."

You simply do not put two entities moving at different speeds
on the same path.

That's just asking for trouble.