What is the Active Mobility Advisory Panel waiting for? More injuries?

All talk, no action.

Latest incident:

Photos: Facebook/Zam Riffzam

Man crashed e-scooter into girl in Pasir Ris.

To those who sit in the Active Mobility Advisory Panel
(by the way, if I do not walk on footpaths and only get chauffeured around,
I wouldn't have cared less. But, like most, I am part of the common people.) --
Do you really need to have an online poll??

Isn't the escalating number of pedestrians getting injured
(with some ended up dead or in ICUs) an obvious indication that
allowing personal mobility devices (PMDs) on walkways is a big mistake?

Exercise some common sense, please.

And don't get me started on those so-called "active mobility enforcement officers".
I have never ever seen one in real life.

The only time they appear seemed to be for a photoshoot for the media.
Where were they when the following happened? --

I am not lobbying for a ban of PMDs.
Just don't approve them until the correct infrastructures are in place.

Making pedestrians share paths with PMDs is not the solution.

Great! Another moron's rash act.
Two incidents on the SAME DAY!