Keith Tan Chee Siang.
F**king child abuser.

Forced a nine-year-old boy to stand still,
then brutally kicked a football thrice at the defenseless child,
causing him to suffer bodily pain and resulting in a nose bleed.

Even worse, he was ordered to pay a paltry $108 as compensation
to the boy.

What do they actually teach at law schools in Singapore??

This further solidifies what I have been rightfully suspecting all along:
Singapore's legal system is run by nincompoops.

Did you vote?

This was done way back in 2004,
complete with a big-ass CRT TV and what I think is a Nokia handphone!

What young people want

[Published on 16 Oct, 2004]

2,100 youths were asked to give ideas on how to build a better Singapore

One of the suggestions is hostel living for all undergraduates,
so sparks will fly and couples will marry younger.

Not the same (Part One)

It's quite fun to deviate from my usual style once in a while.

I had to illustrate a story about overprotective mothering,
and I decided to make the drawing look different from what
I usually do:

And here's the detailed version:

Not the same (Part Two)

This next one is for an article about an online black market
that offers essay-writing services for hundreds of dollars.

Despite warnings from schools that students caught paying
for their grades could be expelled, those services are thriving.

I tried a new look by mimicking a student's doodling on
a notepad paper using a ballpoint pen:

From the Rejection Pile ("Court case")

Here are the steps I take when drawing my Sunday strips on my Wacom Cintiq:
1) Start with the grids
2) Insert the dialogues
3) Sketch the drawings in blue
4) Go over with black
5) Colour...
6) ...then print!

What you see below was done up to Step #3,
after it was deemed unprintable in the national newspaper:

From the Rejection Pile ("The truth hurts")

You people are in for a treat!

Here is another of my Sunday strips that stalled at the "Blue Draft Stage":

I have no idea why this one got a "no-go" for print.

Maybe it's too close to what happens in hospitals in real life?

From the Rejection Pile ("The screen")

This cartoon did not make it to print because the editor was concerned
that many readers might not get it.

But if you do, you must be a person of a certain age (like me!).

First, some background:

The Land Transport Authority is testing new display panels in buses
that help commuters plan their journeys.

The screens will display info such as the bus service number,
the current bus stop, the upcoming stops, and the end destination.

This was what I came up with:

Google "TVMobile" if you are not familiar with it.

You have no idea how lucky you are to not have to endure this insufferable gadget.

I loathe it with a passion.


Was documenting a friend's visit in Singapore and was taking a video of him making
a purchase at Paris Baguette at Terminal 2... when this EXTREMELY RUDE cashier
shouted at me that taking photos was not allowed.

Overpriced pastry.

Bland food.

Atrocious customer service.

Now this?
Well done, Paris Baguette Singapore.


This strip made the editors nervous:
What if there really was a self-driving car accident
on the day the cartoon was printed?

So they decided not to publish it.

From up above

Singapore is a highly built-up high-rise environment.
Apart from killer litter, falling windows also pose a danger
to people walking below.

When a window falls from a height because of a lack of maintenance,
the homeowner can be fined up to $10,000, or jailed up to a year.

On top of that, the owner can be fined up to $5,000, or jailed up
to six months, if the aluminium rivets had not been replaced with
stainless steel ones.

On cloud nine

Singapore had a public skydiving event at Palawan Beach.

 Skydiver wannabes enjoyed a six-minute tandem jump from 3,000m.

"Doc, I’m not well enough to work"

A survey by an online portal found one in five workers
in Singapore admitted faking illnesses such as headaches or
stomach cramps to get an MC.

Of these, about half said they would get medical certificates
at least three times a year.

Just over 40 per cent of fakers said they have called in sick
because they "didn’t feel like working", while a third shun work
because they "had other plans".

A fraction of them get MCs because they overslept or are
burned out at work.

The three most common excuses that workers give for the
ill-gotten day-off are headache/ giddiness, diarrhoea/food poisoning
and stomach cramps.

Some road users in Singapore...

A sexy year

There was quite a handful of salacious happenings
in Singapore in 2012.

I gathered the headlines and composed them into a little cartoon.

Naturally, due to the subject matter, it was rejected for print
in the national papers.

So, here it is. Enjoy!

Revitalising Orchard Road

What should Singapore do to revitalise its famous Orchard Road
shopping district? Retail, tourism and architecture experts come up
with nine ideas that the Government, developers and retailers
should consider:

1. Build more linkways and skybridges
2. Pedestrianise, at least some of the time
3. Improve traffic
4. Have more flagship, iconic stores
5. Have more events on sidewalks
6. Start thematic side streets and malls
7. Build a park behind ngee ann city
8. Bring back nightspots, hold more night events
9. Treat Orchard Road as a national asset

Creating space

It is a common sight in packed buses --
passengers not moving further inside to make room for others.

In a bid to curb such behaviour, colourful stickers were placed
in selected buses to encourage commuters to do the right thing.

I recalled I was quite busy when I was working on this cartoon.
To save time, I reused an old drawing (see the post before this one!)
and just changed the dialogue:

A helping hand

In 2012, more than 155,000 respondents from 146 countries
were asked if they had helped a stranger in the past month.

So, how did Singapore fare?

Fours years later in 2016, except for one selfless and helpful boy,
things are still unchanged:

Reaching out

Politicians are now using social media to connect with the people.

Move towards a car-lite nation

After eight months (EIGHT MONTHS!!) of work,
this is the best a 14-member advisory panel could come up with --
otherwise known as:

The Stupidest Proposal. Ever.

Electronic Road Pricing, Version 2.0

Singapore's next-generation ERP system goes gantry-less
and will be based on satellite navigation technology.

More childcare centres coming up

Did this for The Straits Times Online.

Apologies for the amateurish look.
I am not well-versed in animation and
I've only had less than 8 hours to do the whole thing.

An update from MaiAnh, Thien Nhan's foster mum

"Thien Nhan will be 10 this year.
He is doing well at school and enjoys learning Aikido.

He is also active in helping other kids who need genital & urinary surgeries,
visiting them in hospital & explaining what to expect, etc. He also helps with fund-raising.

So far, the surgeons who did Thien Nhan's operations have come back to Vietnam
9 times to perform surgeries on 180 other kids with genital & urinary problems."

Lot 28

On 27 Feb 2016, S$7,590 (excluding my donation) was transferred to Thien Nhan.

To the following contributors: Thank You.

Albert Tan Beng Kiat (S$50)
Amous Lee (S$200)
Ariel Loh (S$300, April 2014 to Sept 2015)
Daniel Boccio (S$140)
Diana Lim Yun Yan (S$300)
Eileen Tay (S$220, May 2014 to Feb 2016)
Francisca Lam Ying Jia (S$100)
Kaye Ng (S$100)
KH (S$300)
Kieran Wee (S$1,000)
Lee KL Evangeline (S$100)
Leona Ang (S$1,750, Jan 2014 to Jan 2016) (S$2,320)
Ong Hui Then (S$60, Jan 2015 to June 2015)
Sally Lam (S$150, Dec 2013 to May 2014)
Tan Yiling (S$80)
Tay Wee Kiat (S$150)
Wang Boon Lian (S$200)
Wong Pei Ling (S$20)
Wong Peng Chuen (S$50, Jan 2015 to May 2015)

Why drink?

I am not a fan of alcohol.
But some people are.

What’s the worst side effect of alcohol consumption?
A hangover? Wrong.


Here are some real-life examples:

Move to curb moonlighting security guards

In a push to raise the professional standards of security firms,
guards are not allowed to work for more than two employers at any one time.

This is because part-time guards who move from one company to another or hop
from one job to another may lead to frequent absenteeism and poor job performance.

Hear vs Listen

One of the many announcements played at our train stations is this:
"Please mind the platform gap."

It is being played so repeatedly that I wonder if we have become numbed to it.

That may explain why there are still instances in which passengers' legs get caught.

You gotta be kidding me

Killed two innocent people with his non-existent driving skill
and got only 10 months' jail.

Singapore's so-called "juristic system" is a joke.