Dangers of the greenhouse effect

[Published on 1 June, 1998]

Scientists say that global warming, if continues unabated, will cause
temperatures to rise by 2 deg C and water levels to go up by 30 cm
in the next 50 years.

Cartoon Caption Contest, 31 August 2008

Only one reader made the cut --

The winning entry:
"I’m not going with you to the owner-pet lookalike contest.
So stop feeding me a lot!"
- R. M. Kasthuribai

Prediction: Future Joy #06

A local entrepreneur successfully breeds an odourless durian
that Singaporeans can finally get to swing home on the MRT.

Cartoon Caption Contest, 24 August 2008

Many funny submissions for this one. Enjoy!

The winning entry:
"During my heyday selling pirated VCDs in the 90s,
I was actually clocking better timings than Usain Bolt..."
- Keith Chong Kee Seng

The shortlisted ones:
"Be patient. This is the Olympics,
so you would expect a 'Marathon Commercial'."
- Linda Lo Chee Yong

"Why am I here every night?
My doctor advised me to take up as many sports as I can."
- Stephen See

"See, I told you Olympics don't have horse racing,
you don't believe."
- Ang Ah Kiok

"My wife is complaining that sitting here all day
drinking beer is turning me into an Olympig."
- Chua Shi Min

Prediction: Future Joy #05

Tour agencies offer space travel at affordable prices.

Prediction: Future Joy #04

All flats' windows have glass canopies which allow the sun
to shine through
but keep out drips from wet laundry above.

PS: ICI actually contacted me regarding the above contraption...
unfortunately, it didn't materialise.

Cartoon Caption Contest, 17 August 2008

The winning entry:
"Relax, that’s just little Timmy with his Batman mask on."
- Desmond Goh

The shortlisted ones:
"I have not eaten for days.
Can you help to lure him into our tank?"
- Sim Kwang Seng

"Luckily, his head is bigger than the rim of the fish tank."
- Lim Ai Tiong

Prediction: Future Joy #03

Telepod travel a la Star Trek reduces the vehicle population;
COEs and ERP are abolished.

Cartoon Caption Contest, 10 August 2008

Slim pickings this time round: only one made the cut --

The winning entry:

"Boss thinks that we are not fashionable enough.
So here are some tights and mini skirts... let’s go change."
- Victoria Lee

Prediction: Future Joy #02

Every household has solar cell panels
to trap
the sun's rays for use during night time.

Pre-Olympics, 2008

Amongst the many preparations are safety drills.

I can't resist manipulating the photo...

Prediction: Future Joy #01

Introduction of robot domestic helpers... no more language barrier,
no more levies and, more importantly,
no more reports of maid abuse.

Meeting Thien Nhan, Part II

While he was in Hanoi, Adarsh made two trips to visit Thien Nhan and his family.
Here are more pixs... (By the way, the stuff you see on the right of Thien Nhan's
head is some medicinal paste.)

Thien Nhan excitedly awaiting to eat his Milka chocolates which Adarsh brought.

Thien Nhan with Adarsh, pix taken by Thien Nhan's dad.

Thien Nhan playing with Adarsh's digital camera.

Thien Nhan's 80-year-old Grandma (dad's mom) along with two relatives.

Thien Nhan enjoying a nice large Vietnamese plum,
which Adarsh's dad purchased for him from a fruit market in Hanoi.

Thien Nhan with his dad, mum and brother Little Minh
(Big Minh was not at home at that time).

Thien Nhan with his mum, brother, Adarsh... and another plum!

Upon returning to Singapore, Adarsh said, "Thien Nhan's grandma,
mum (Mai Anh) and dad (Nghinh) are very, very nice and kind people!
I thoroughly enjoyed my two visits there and I can't wait to go back again."

Meeting Thien Nhan

A friend of mine, Adarsh was in Hanoi for business with his dad. Both of them
made a detour to visit Thien Nhan & family... and took a shine to the little guy.

Cartoon Caption Contest, 3 August 2008

Many, many participants submitted very similar captions:
  • "Look, they don't call it a mobile phone for nothing, do they?"
  • "Now, that's what I call a mobile phone!"
  • "I think that's what they meant by 'mobile phone'."
  • "As spoken, this is the latest 3G 'mobile' phone."
  • "These days, phones are really mobile."

TIP: Try not to do the obvious. Think out of the box
and you'll stand a better chance at winning, like so...

The winning entry:
"Hang on... it’s roaming for a network."
- Lee Siew Beng

The shortlisted ones:
"It's my 'hands-free' cellphone. I don't hold it. It follows me."
- Varella, Gino Lee

"Minibus -- the result of inflation."
- Par Ker Inn

"Can't kiss now. See, a camera is passing by!"
- Michelle Leng