LTA really screwed e-scooter users

First, LTA approved the use of e-scooters,
which led to people spending money to purchase those devices.

Then LTA charges $20 for the registration of e-scooters.

After a slew of fires caused by said devices, LTA made it
mandatory to dispose non-UL2272 e-scooters (which are what
most riders are using), which, once again, led to people
forking out another sum of money to buy new machines
that are compliant.

Then, all of a sudden, LTA bans the use of e-scooters on walkways,
which effectively renders e-scooters useless.

In conclusion, many people received the short end of the stick due
to LTA, which had no planning or foresight in place before unleashing
e-scooters in Singapore.