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Lame sentence


A paltry 14 months' jail for blinding someone.

Singapore's law really CANNOT MAKE IT.

Social standings

Did a short clip using, erm, clip art:



May 9, 2020, Saturday
North-South Line, 9AM:

After yakking loudly on his phone, he played video clips for all to hear.

So annoying (Part 1)

For 18 years, I have been taking the train at Aljunied Station without any incident.

Today, for the first time, I was stopped for a Bag Check.

So, suddenly, I looked like a criminal because I was wearing a face mask
during the Coronavirus situation?

Or was it because of my long, unkempt hair due to the closure of barbershops

So annoying (Part 2)

One thing nice about working from home during this Covid-19 pandemic is that
I am less grumpy.

But my bliss was shortlived today because I had to take the train to the office.

May 7, 2020, Thursday
Circle Line, 9.15AM, heading towards Bishan station:

This guy kept screaming his head off into his phone.

Why do some people think that others are interested in their inane blabbering?


(On the bright side, he gave me an idea for my upcoming Sunday comics strip.)

Be pain-free

Covid-19: A perplexing chat

People trying to follow Government instructions to buy groceries online
have found it difficult to obtain delivery slots.

On one online grocer's website:
 On IMDA website:

This part grabbed my attention:

"Really easy".

When I contacted IMDA about that, its response was:

"You may want to read the context. We are working on providing a guide
for online shopping. We are talking about the steps taken like choosing items,
and adding things to the cart."

"...I would presume you understand we are not talking about the process of
getting the goods to you."


Then what is the point of buying?
Isn't getting the goods the entire buying process?

And please, spare me the condescending tone.