Store decor

It was reported on Dec 20 (2012) that a shopping centre is infested with rodents...

A madcap video

Here are two clips (shown back to back) which I've made with my niece and my nephew.

I'd strongly suggest that you use IDM to download the 720p version over here.
The quality will be much better than viewing it on YouTube.

Royal joy


When I heard the news that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge,
is pregnant with her first child, this popped into my mind:

Of course I didn't offer it to the papers: it's just a silly gag.
(But, for most men, the fear of losing their crown of glory is very real!)

This is so wrong

[Published on 27 Aug, 2012]

Does it bug you when you are on a pedestrian walkway and, all of a sudden,
an irate cyclist repeatedly rings the bell behind you, forcing you to give way?
I suspect many of them are not aware that it is an offence to cycle on the pavement...

Credit card write-offs hit 12-year high

[Published on 01 August, 2003]

Bad debt written off by banks on credit and charge cards hit a
12-year high in June, as prolonged unemployment and dwindling
savings caused more Singaporeans to go into default.

According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, banks here
wrote off $17.5 million in June, up from $14 million in May.

That was the highest monthly write-off since 1991.

With many white-collar workers, particularly those in their
40s and 50s, having lost their jobs, many are now unable to
pay their bills, say bankers.

During the three months ending June, banks wrote off $8 for
every $100 rolled over by cardholders at the end of each month.

A consumer is said to have 'rolled over' his card balances
if he does not settle in full the amount owed to the bank.

Banks typically write off debt as uncollectable when they have
not received any payment for six months.

As such, some card-issuers have become more stringent in
issuing new cards. Their debt-collection departments are also
more proactive in contacting card-holders who show even the
slightest hint of financial difficulty.

These measures, coupled with the high 24 per cent interest banks
charge on rollover credit, mean that credit-card portfolios
remain profitable despite the huge write-offs, say industry watchers.

Some green tips

[Published on 10 November, 2007]

» Switch it off. When leaving the room, switch off lights,
fans, air-conditioners, televisions, computers and other
appliances. Pull out the plug as well.

» Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)
instead of incandescent bulbs. Install dimmers, timers
and sensors. They save energy too.

» Do not place lamps, television sets or other heat-emitting
appliances near the aircon thermostat. The latter senses
room temperature to regulate the unit’s operations,
making it work harder than it needs to.

» Don’t overcool air-conditioned rooms. Set the temperature
at between 24 and 25 deg C, and shut doors and windows.

» Cool hot food before putting it in the fridge so it does
not have to work harder to maintain the temperature.
Avoid overcrowding -- too many items obstruct air circulation
and reduce cooling capabilities. And don’t place the fridge
near the oven.

» Decide what you want. Then open the refrigerator.
That way, it doesn’t stay open for too long and waste energy.

» Learn to compost. Even if you live in an apartment,
food waste can be used as compost in a personal or
community garden.

Offset carbon emission. Sign a Friends of World Heritage
"I am a responsible traveller" pledge or apply to buy
carbon emission offset credits.

» Don’t change your sheets everyday. If a hotel offers it,
take up the option of not having towels and sheets changed
every day. If not, let housekeeping know that it is your
preference. It saves on energy, water, soap and other resources.

» Take your own soap and shampoo on vacation. Those little
bottles of shampoo and soap in hotels create unnecessary waste,
since the open -- and often unfinished ones -- end up in the bin.
If you use them, finish them.

» Switch appliances off. If your hotel does not have a system
where electricity is cut off when you remove your key card,
manually turn off things like the air-conditioner, TV and lights.

» Bring your own bag. When shopping during your vacation,
take a tote or backpack. Do this at home too. Avoid plastic bags.

» Don’t buy endangered species products. Boycott tortoise shell,
ivory, animal skins or feathers. Don’t buy star fish or
turtle-shell related souvenirs or any creature that may have
been put to death for the sake of a gift shop sale.
More often than not, these animals may have been killed
specifically for tourist trade.


The Lemon Law is here!

[Published on 04 Sept, 2012]

The pandas are here!

[Published on 08 Sept, 2012]