This strip made the editors nervous:
What if there really was a self-driving car accident
on the day the cartoon was printed?

So they decided not to publish it.

From up above

Singapore is a highly built-up high-rise environment.
Apart from killer litter, falling windows also pose a danger
to people walking below.

When a window falls from a height because of a lack of maintenance,
the homeowner can be fined up to $10,000, or jailed up to a year.

On top of that, the owner can be fined up to $5,000, or jailed up
to six months, if the aluminium rivets had not been replaced with
stainless steel ones.

On cloud nine

Singapore had a public skydiving event at Palawan Beach.

 Skydiver wannabes enjoyed a six-minute tandem jump from 3,000m.

"Doc, I’m not well enough to work"

A survey by an online portal found one in five workers
in Singapore admitted faking illnesses such as headaches or
stomach cramps to get an MC.

Of these, about half said they would get medical certificates
at least three times a year.

Just over 40 per cent of fakers said they have called in sick
because they "didn’t feel like working", while a third shun work
because they "had other plans".

A fraction of them get MCs because they overslept or are
burned out at work.

The three most common excuses that workers give for the
ill-gotten day-off are headache/ giddiness, diarrhoea/food poisoning
and stomach cramps.

Some road users in Singapore...

A sexy year

There was quite a handful of salacious happenings
in Singapore in 2012.

I gathered the headlines and composed them into a little cartoon.

Naturally, due to the subject matter, it was rejected for print
in the national papers.

So, here it is. Enjoy!

Revitalising Orchard Road

What should Singapore do to revitalise its famous Orchard Road
shopping district? Retail, tourism and architecture experts come up
with nine ideas that the Government, developers and retailers
should consider:

1. Build more linkways and skybridges
2. Pedestrianise, at least some of the time
3. Improve traffic
4. Have more flagship, iconic stores
5. Have more events on sidewalks
6. Start thematic side streets and malls
7. Build a park behind ngee ann city
8. Bring back nightspots, hold more night events
9. Treat Orchard Road as a national asset

Creating space

It is a common sight in packed buses --
passengers not moving further inside to make room for others.

In a bid to curb such behaviour, colourful stickers were placed
in selected buses to encourage commuters to do the right thing.

I recalled I was quite busy when I was working on this cartoon.
To save time, I reused an old drawing (see the post before this one!)
and just changed the dialogue:

A helping hand

In 2012, more than 155,000 respondents from 146 countries
were asked if they had helped a stranger in the past month.

So, how did Singapore fare?

Fours years later in 2016, except for one selfless and helpful boy,
things are still unchanged: