Kidnap scares

Jan 2018: The two incidents in which international school students in Singapore claimed they were being lured into vehicles were not cases of attempted kidnapping.

The police, after thorough investigations, ruled out abduction attempts and said drivers were trying to be helpful by offering lifts.

However, students and parents said they would still be cautious and the children should not accept lifts from strangers.

So grumpy

At Mongkutwattana General Hospital in Bangkok, medical staff get a
much needed helping hand from robots dressed in cheery yellow nurse uniforms.

Called Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Robots, the main function
of these mobile machines is to carry medical documents around the premises.

The Thai hospital has three AGV Robots to save on hiring costs and
help alleviate its manpower shortage, as well as enhance service.


When I think of hospitals, I'd associate it with words such as "Caring",
"Compassion", "Concern", etc.

So why the angry face?