Online dating version 2.0

[Published on 29 September, 2008]

Boot up your computer, turn on your camera and make sure you
comb your hair. Because in the next three minutes online,
you could be meeting the love of your life.

Internet dating may be as old as the World Wide Web itself,
but it is fast losing the stigma once attached to it, and
becoming a way for tech-savvy singles to find each other.

Now you can speed date, play real-time games, and chat with
prospective partners in your home, or even office, whom
you never have to meet in real life if you don’t want to.

One local site offers online games such as checkers, pool,
even tennis, where Singaporean singles can play together.

They can also speed date, form social clubs and chat in virtual
rooms that look like bars, swimming pools or even Times Square
in New York.

Another site locates available singles working in the vicinity
of busy executives.

Online dating reaches out to a younger segment of the population
who are not likely to use offline or face-to-face matchmaking