The Straits Times carnival

The event took place at Gardens by the Bay.

Activities include Cover Photos, Meet ST Journalists, Headline Contest,
Caricatures and Photo-illustrations.

The idea of a Photo-illustration is that the person in the picture strikes a pose
and an artist fills the rest of the space with a doodle.

Here are some which I did for my 'customers':

There was also a Cosplay Contest.


Thank goodness no wild dogs actually showed up!

Here are some of the actual contestants:
[Photos courtesy of The Straits Times]

Speaking of Cosplay, one of my favourite characters is Spiderman.

In my opinion, the classic costume -- the comic-book version -- is still the best.
Here are a couple of pictures of a friend posing as one:

If you have the height (at least 170cm) and build
and would like to have a photo taken of you as Spidey,
drop me an email.