Three professors excited by one hot babe

[Published on 24 November, 2003]

Three men are paying $300,000 to get their hands on a hot Danish babe
in order to take her temperature.

That is because the blonde bombshell is a mannequin, wired up to breathe
like a human and be as sensitive to heat as a person.

Her sensitivity has provoked tremendous excitement in three men
at the National University of Singapore. The associate professors,
who specialise in indoor air quality, see in her a way to discover
the best methods for cooling a room while saving energy.

She will be used in experiments as if she were a human, putting her
through various temperature changes and monitoring the amount
of carbon dioxide she generates. She is so sensitive that if a fan
is suddenly turned on in front of her face, her face will feel cold.

The blonde is divided into 26 parts, with four parts in her face alone.
This is to help the researchers pinpoint the different temperatures
in neighbouring areas. By doing so, they can determine the optimum
temperature at which an air-conditioner should be set, and even
where it should be placed.