Gone viral (and not in a good way)

So Singapore had a General Election in September 2015.

It was quite eventful for me because some zealous individual/s pilfered my drawings
from this blog, changed the speech bubbles to give the dialogues a slanted
political tone and reposted them on a site called The Singapore Bubble Blog
(which has since been taken down):

The next thing I knew, social media was buzzing with nasty comments targetting at yours truly.

Apparently, many netizens assumed that I came up with those wretched wordings.

If you are one of those trigger-friendly folks, please read this:
The drawings were illegally doctored.

This is a serious case of copyright infringement and character assassination.
Legal help has been sought.

By the way, here's a special shout-out to those helpful members at
Hardwarezone.com's Eat-Drink-Man-Woman forum for their support
and helpful advice on how to deal with the perpetrator/s: