Lot 28

On 27 Feb 2016, S$7,590 (excluding my donation) was transferred to Thien Nhan.

To the following contributors: Thank You.

Albert Tan Beng Kiat (S$50)
Amous Lee (S$200)
Ariel Loh (S$300, April 2014 to Sept 2015)
Daniel Boccio (S$140)
Diana Lim Yun Yan (S$300)
Eileen Tay (S$220, May 2014 to Feb 2016)
Francisca Lam Ying Jia (S$100)
Kaye Ng (S$100)
KH (S$300)
Kieran Wee (S$1,000)
Lee KL Evangeline (S$100)
Leona Ang (S$1,750, Jan 2014 to Jan 2016)
MindfulnessSingapore.com (S$2,320)
Ong Hui Then (S$60, Jan 2015 to June 2015)
Sally Lam (S$150, Dec 2013 to May 2014)
Tan Yiling (S$80)
Tay Wee Kiat (S$150)
Wang Boon Lian (S$200)
Wong Pei Ling (S$20)
Wong Peng Chuen (S$50, Jan 2015 to May 2015)