Meeting Thien Nhan, Part III

Back in Hanoi on yet another business trip, my friend Adarsh and his Dad met up
with Thien Nhan again (pixs and captions provided by Adarsh) :

"Thien Nahn with my Dad and I. In his hand is a red toy car that my Dad
bought for him from Singapore."

"Thien Nhan smiling brightly as my Dad cradles him on his lap."

"Thien Nhan sitting on my lap and holding some silly little stick with play-dough
around it and pretending to be a Kung-Fu expert! :) Seated next to me is one
of my Dad's Vietnamese business contacts, Mr. Pham, who also contributes to
Thien Nhan's cause in Hanoi."

"Thien Nhan still playing with his 'kung-fu' stick and trying to look fierce as
I join him in his antics."

"Thien Nhan starting to read his older brother's (Big Minh's) Vietnamese textbook.
Although he really cannot read yet, as he is only 2 yrs +, he is still very clever
and looks at all the pictures and asks his Dad lots of questions."

"Thien Nhan in his Dad's arms, smiling brightly at my Dad (not in picture),
as my Dad amused him by putting on Little Minh's motorcycle helmet
(which little Minh uses when his Mom drops him to school on her motorbike)
on his head! What a bright and brilliant smile! :) "