Notable Cartoon Caption entries

23 November 2008

 "Your magic pen really works! Now draw me a chest of gold."
- Wee Tai Seng

30 November 2008

"Mommy! Daddy scared me playing ‘Peek-A-Poop’!!"
- Gokkilam A

"For the last time, it's a LEFT turn at Albuquerque!!"
- Mikail Lo

14 December 2008

 "The artist who did the ASEAN logo must have gotten
his inspiration from these bananas."
- Lim Soon Kheng

"My goodness! I thought I asked you to make banana fritters...
how come there's a rabbit in the frying pan?!"
- Chan Su Lee

"What?? You're saying my pisang is not long enough
and shrinking?!?"
- Albert Pang Tze Kaan

21 December 2008


"Yours is for the Nice... mine’s for the Naughty."
- Kayley Oh