After bubble tea, now comes blended tonic

[Published on 10 April, 2002]

With local firms rebranding traditional fare, expect a range of tonic drinks,
blended with herbs and fruit juices.

To keep Singapore's $10-billion food-export industry growing, local companies
are rebranding themselves and repackaging their traditional fare.

Local Chinese-medicine retailer Eu Yan Sang International, for example, is
setting out to change the image of its traditional products by bringing in a
new range of tonic drinks from the United States - blended with Chinese herbs
and fruit juices - to capture the taste buds of the young.

Step aside, bubble tea. The new-age herbal drinks will come in six flavours,
with names like 'virtual nirvana' to calm the spirit and 'yin from the cold'
to relieve toxicity.