Meeting Thien Nhan, Part II

While he was in Hanoi, Adarsh made two trips to visit Thien Nhan and his family.
Here are more pixs... (By the way, the stuff you see on the right of Thien Nhan's
head is some medicinal paste.)

Thien Nhan excitedly awaiting to eat his Milka chocolates which Adarsh brought.

Thien Nhan with Adarsh, pix taken by Thien Nhan's dad.

Thien Nhan playing with Adarsh's digital camera.

Thien Nhan's 80-year-old Grandma (dad's mom) along with two relatives.

Thien Nhan enjoying a nice large Vietnamese plum,
which Adarsh's dad purchased for him from a fruit market in Hanoi.

Thien Nhan with his dad, mum and brother Little Minh
(Big Minh was not at home at that time).

Thien Nhan with his mum, brother, Adarsh... and another plum!

Upon returning to Singapore, Adarsh said, "Thien Nhan's grandma,
mum (Mai Anh) and dad (Nghinh) are very, very nice and kind people!
I thoroughly enjoyed my two visits there and I can't wait to go back again."