Cartoon Caption Contest, 3 August 2008

Many, many participants submitted very similar captions:
  • "Look, they don't call it a mobile phone for nothing, do they?"
  • "Now, that's what I call a mobile phone!"
  • "I think that's what they meant by 'mobile phone'."
  • "As spoken, this is the latest 3G 'mobile' phone."
  • "These days, phones are really mobile."

TIP: Try not to do the obvious. Think out of the box
and you'll stand a better chance at winning, like so...

The winning entry:
"Hang on... it’s roaming for a network."
- Lee Siew Beng

The shortlisted ones:
"It's my 'hands-free' cellphone. I don't hold it. It follows me."
- Varella, Gino Lee

"Minibus -- the result of inflation."
- Par Ker Inn

"Can't kiss now. See, a camera is passing by!"
- Michelle Leng