A half-baked "solution"

An excerpt from a News Release:

From 31 July 2019, members of public who encounter errant
Personal Mobility Device (PMD) or Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB) users
who are speeding, riding recklessly, or seen in locations
they are not permitted in (e.g. Pedestrian Overhead Bridges)
can report the incident directly to the Land Transport Authority (LTA)
via the MyTransport.SG mobile application.

Feedback providers should, as far as possible, try to record
the identification numbers of the devices and details of their
sightings such as the date, time and location.


I'll reiterate:
"...try to record the identification numbers of the devices".

Even on LTA's Facebook page, it shows that the only way pedestrians
can capture the identification number is when the rider poses IN FRONT of them:

Fact is, we report an accident AFTER we got hit.
By then, all we can see is the BACK of the fleeing rider.

Meanwhile, in Japan...