Cartoon Caption Contest, 13 April 2008


This is the winning entry:
"So you still don’t believe in reincarnation,
guess what, I’m Mary, your late mother-in-law..."
- Zin Annuar B Mohd

Here are the shortlisted ones:
"Oh no, not dengue too..."
- Christine Yeo

"Remember me? I'm that little pesky fella
you tried to 'get rid of' just before that accident..."
- Zin Annuar B Mohd

"Okay, 206 broken bones... and dengue fever."
- Samantha Lu

"This anti-dengue campaign is getting ridiculous!"
- Low Beng Kheng

"For heaven's sake, you went for one of those facials?
I can't get a grip!"
- Lee Choon Ping

"Hey! It's rude to stare while I'm eating."
- Edwin Lau Tze Yang

"Oh man! How much blood have you lost
in the accident? Hope there are some left for me."
- Mubinul Haq Bin Hashim

"Wow! All-you-can-eat buffet!
Better call more friends."
- Tan Huang Ching

"If possible, cut down on the transfusions.
I don't really like mixed flavours..."
- Estee Wu

"Thank God it is not a bee!"
- Esther Chong

"With so many hotspots in Singapore,
this is the best I have found so far."
- Wai Fong Meng

"Measly Mozzie mauling my muzzle,"
mumbled Mummy.
- Peter Lai Yun Ying

"Finally, a mummy that has blood!"
- Gerald Eng

And my personal favourite
(unfortunately it didn't garner enough votes to win):
"After I'm finished with your nose,
your eyes will be NEXT!"
- Ong Pee Yeow