What's mine is yours

[Published on 19 Dec, 1997]

A newspaper report that said a stomach bacteria, commonly
found in Asians, could be the result of communal eating habits,
which include sharing the same bowls.

But, germs or no germs, many Singaporeans felt that insisting
on separate portions was more fodder than food for thought.

A vice-chairman of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan
Associations' youth group said, "We've been eating this way for
thousands of years, and there's nothing wrong. This is the way we
cultivate a sense of unity, helping one another.

"It's in Western culture where everyone eats his own share.
I wouldn't want to instil individualism through eating habits,
I don't want barriers with my family."

The good news is: doctors agree that chances are slim that one can
catch the stomach bug through communal eating habits.