[Published on 18 Jan, 1998]

Here is the Education Ministry’s "888" list...

At the end of primary school, pupils should:
1. Be able to distinguish right from wrong
2. Be able to build friendships with others
3. Have a lively curiosity about things
4. Be able to think for and express themselves
5. Take pride in their work
6. Have cultivated healthy habits
7. Love Singapore
8. Have learnt to share and put others first

At the end of secondary school, students should:
1. Have moral integrity
2. Have care and concern for others
3. Be able to work in teams and value every contribution
4. Possess a broad-based foundation for further education
5. Believe in their ability
6. Have an appreciation for aesthetics
7. Know and believe in Singapore
8. Be enterprising and innovative


At the end of junior college, students should:
1. Be resilient and resolute
2. Have a sound sense of social responsibility
3. Understand what it takes to inspire and motivate others
4. Have an entrepreneurial and creative spirit
5. Be able to think independently and creatively
6. Have a zest for life
7. Understand what it takes to lead Singapore
8. Strive for excellence