Cartoon Caption Contest, 22 June 2008


Many readers played on the 'budget airline' or 'extra legroom' concept.
Here are some who didn't:

The winning entry:

"I told you it wasn’t a typo when
your boarding pass stated ‘WINGDOW SEAT’."
- Alvin Yee

The shortlisted ones:
"Should have read the fine print when they offered
a $200 discount if I bring my own seat."
- Enson

"The result of snoring loudly in the plane."
- Sherlyn Lee Chen Sing

"Oh my god! What is the pilot doing outside?"
- Mak De-Shun

"Well done, our new stick-on hairpiece
pass the test with flying colours."
- Teng Hong Beng

"Sir, our airline's motto is 'Now everyone can fly'."
- Nadarajan Packirisamy

"When I requested for a window seat, I didn't know
I need to specify which side of the window I want!"
- Angela Teh

And my personal favourite:
"Oei, you are blocking my view!"
- Ong Eng Hui