Cartoon Caption Contest, 11 May 2008


This is the winning entry:
"No, wait! You can only pick him up at the
designated taxi stands."
- Clara Quek Xue Huan

These are the shortlisted ones:
"Oh god! We will be in trouble for flashing our
headlights at him."
- Wong Chin Twee

"Wow! This human's driving is out of this world!"
- Danielle Gan May Ann

"I heard that this device can vanish into thin air
late at night and reappear after midnight.
We must have one of those."
- Chua Cher Chay

"We can sell the petrol and buy ourselves some arms."
- Narisa Chan

"Surely the cabbie has seen scarier things than us
up above, such as the ERP..."
- Marcus Lim Zhi Wei

And my personal favourite:
"No, no, no... this specimen NEVER stops talking.
Don't take him!"
- Goh Soo Teck