Cartoon Caption Contest, 25 May 2008

If you are participating in this contest,
do remember to paste your entry at the back of an envelope.

When people start thinking alike, they give the same captions:
The kid tells her mum she couldn't find the loo and used the cup.
- 2 entries

The kid asks whether her mum saw the jellyfish/tadpole/crab which
she caught and had left in the cup.
- 5 entries

The kid announces that she forgot where she buried her daddy/
- More than 25 entries

Here are the shortlisted ones:
"Mom, I think I lost two of my toes."
-Ang Wei Tung

"ICJ just ruled again - Pedra Branca is to be auctioned off on eBay."
- Nicholas Yong

This is the winning entry:
"Dad’s busy! He’s helping a lady look for her bikini top!"
- Rosalind Lim Gek Neo