Helping hands

May Lian, a reader and donor, wrote me an email which described exactly
why I started this blog.

Here is an excerpt: "I was thinking about my own efforts and how limited
it has been... Thien Nhan's more immediate need is to fix his urethra.
This is a daily functional task that is impaired and has affected his quality
of life. Then there is the hormonal medication that he needs to aid him
in his growth spurt. These immediate financing is lost too many."

Thien Nhan's genitals won't be fully rebuilt until he's near his teens.
Elka, who is raising funds for the child, also expressed concerns that
when Thien Nhan grows up and is no longer an adorable baby,
donations may dwindle.

Please do not let that happen. Let's help him all the way. Thank you.