Some dos and don'ts if your precinct is being upgraded...

  • Leave valuables in the flat while work is done inside your home.
  • Organise group functions like weddings at the void decks
    while upgrading is in progress.
  • Use your toilet while the waste pipes are being changed
    in the flats below you.
  • Park your vehicle where it might obstruct others.
  • Hang out your washing when the external walls are being painted.

  • Keep to appointments for works inside your flat as
    delays will affect the schedule of works for other flats.
  • Let the information centre know early if you will away,
    eg. on holiday, when work will be done inside flat.
    Arrange for someone to represent you.
  • Arrange for an adult to be in the flat when works are
    carried out inside your home.
  • Expect some inconvenience and disruption to your daily routine.